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Product family » Stone10
  • Luminous square in mouldtone 
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5432 - Stone10 (Marker-lighting)


  • Indicator lighting
  • Marker-lighting

Mounting type

  • Ground flush recessed fittings
  • Ground recessed fittings


  • Weight
    900 gr

Options of luminous effects

  • Non adjustable
  • Flat homogeneous window (optional)
  • Colour control system (optional)

Power supply - Control

  • Cable length
    1 m
  • 24 V power supply 24V


  • Composite resin

Mechanical strength - Waterproofness

  • Withstands 2-wheels traffic
  • Withstands random all vehicles traffic
  • Resists impacts up to 20 joules (IK10)
  • IP68 Tight for extended immersion

Select your specific requirements with our product configurator, by filtering technical criteria. Download the configurated product datasheet.

  • Electricity consumption
  • Output
  • Maximum use temperature
  • Contact temperature
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RGB options available, please contact us.
Technical data is subject to changes.
Luminaire guaranteed 5 years.
Luminaire designed and manufactured in France. Made in france
  • Moulded opal in composite + glass resin
  • Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 80 mm
  • Shock resistance: IK 10
  • Barcol hardness: 40 (Resistance to punch)
  • UV, vandalism and humidity resistant
  • Good performance to the classic cleaning products, properly dilutated, except acetone
  • 2 cable outputs available: lateral (5432) or downward (5432P)
  • The fixing of 5432P is made easy with the use of the embedding case 5432E. It must be connected to a BRPH.
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