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Project ›› Crosswalks, Saint Cyprien

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Crosswalks, Saint Cyprien Overall view
  • working since
  • 2014
The City of Saint-Cyprien marked-up crosswalks located on one of its busy streets with several campsites exits. The City used the recessed spotlights 1750A-Bourgogne and 0320-Matosinhos. They both have been installed in square bollards of a height of 1,20 m above ground.
Each crosswalk is marked-light by 4 bollards.

A 1750A-Bourgogne is installed at the bottom of the bollard in the direction of the ground and a 0320-Matosinhos is placed at the top of the bollard in the white head in the direction of the traffic. The placement of the latter complies with the Access for Disabled norms in force in France.

Client: Ville de Saint Cyprien
Prime contractor: Communauté de la commune Sud-Roussillon
Specifier and pic: Concept Eclairage
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