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product(s) 5620 - Brunei
The 72 Overall view
  • working since
  • 2011
"72" is an original light entertainment, result of a partnership between LEC and TRAFIK.

This light and interactive installation consits of 72 LED linear light bars arranged in 6 auto-carried square frames.
Every module includes 12 bespoke 5620-Brunei LED light bars of 40-cm long each.
Installed one behind another, the 6 lighting structures create a volume of 6 meters-long, 2,30 meters-high and 1,60 meters-wide.

When the installation is illuminated, the light in movement creates graphic and plastic perspectives that modify the perception of the basic volume.
The spectator can play with the light by means of a touchpad to create deep and spaceful figures.

The installation is independent and can change randomly combining different scenarios from the 72 light bars.

Photo Credit: LEC
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  • 72 - lighting entertainment (01'35'')

    72 is an original light entertainment, a partnership between LEC and the graphic design agency TRAFIK, that travels from exhibitions to shows all around the world. This square lighting system is made of 72 LED linears, arranged in six frames DMX-controlled and activated by the exhibition's visitors with an iPad. The user interacts with the light installation and can play around with it using a tactile tablet in order to create deep and spacious lighting effects. More on