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Jaude's place, Clermont-Ferrand Overall view
  • working since
  • 2005
Led by the agency Les Eclairagistes Associés, LEC has developed an innovating lighting device covering part of the 3,5 hectares of the Jaude Place: the main area of Place centrale de Clermont-Ferrand (Center of France) is home to 250 LEDs ground recessed luminaires simulating the movement of lava in fusion.
Composed of delicate yellow and red light drops, each autonomous lighting flickers into the basalt floor to create evolving ambiences and to suggest the nearby volcanic territory.
A technical performance issued from a close-collaboration between the lighting designers and LEC engineers, the lighting of the Jaude Square is a realisation of telluric inspiration, the expression of an idea and a technological innovation to further the identity of a unique site.

Specifier: Les Eclairagistes Associés
Photos: LEC
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