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Project ›› Citadel of Bonifacio, Corsica

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Citadel of Bonifacio, Corsica Overall view
  • working since
  • 2015

The Citadel of Bonifacio in Corsica unveiled its new night decorum designed by the Agence Lumière.

Lighting designer Agence Lumière designed a unique journey of light, in the imaginary shape of a ladder of light that takes the stroller from down in the marina up to the upper-town, whilst revealing the huge richness and the beauty of this majestic historical site.
"This project aims to forge links between History and modernity, between the sea and the upper-town, and between the structure and its visitors." says Régis Clouzet from the Agence Lumière.

For this outstanding up-lighting, 12 000 m² of walls and cliffs were illuminated with 200 LED projectors from LEC.

Prime contractor: Ville de Bonifacio
Lighting designer: Agence Lumière
Lighting scenario programmer: Lumières utiles
Installer: Entreprise Santini
Corsica distribution: Espace Elec et Bianchi
Photos: Xavier Boymond

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