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Project ›› Facade of Istres' City Council

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product(s) 5761 - Passy
Facade of Istres' City Council Overall view
  • working since
  • 2013

A fluid and uniform lighting solution!

The facade of Istres City Hall, located in the Provence region of France, is 11,5 meters-high and 82 meters-long.

Designer Roland JEOL's lighting scheme was to highlight the size of the building and to illuminate its architectural design, in particular its metal grid geared down to a number of horizontal lines.

This perfectly uniform up-lighting is achieved with 9 in-ground recessed LEC 5760-Passy LED linears installed at the front of the facade.

A number of scenarii are set to allow a dynamic or a static illumination.

Prime contractor: City of Istres
Specifier: Atelier Roland Jeol
Photo credit: LEC

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