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Project ›› Maison des Services, Ornans

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Maison des Services, Ornans Overall view
  • working since
  • 2013

To illuminate the floors of the House, Thierry Walger, lighting designer from Le Point Lumineux wanted an automated lighting working with motion detector with color change.

The luminaires are controlled independently from one another, they are white when there is a motion and turn into colour when it is in standby.

The previous lights were replaced with LED spotlights fixed on both the ceiling (60 lights) and the wall (29 lights). These spotlights produce the same lighting effect than the 4040-Luminy 4 spotlight, which has been customised into a square format and with no lyre.

This special product is using the 4040-Luminy 4 water-tightness caracteristic and its LED bloc.

Photo credit: Le Point Lumineux

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