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Jardins de la Fontaine in Nîmes Overall view
  • working since
  • 2017

The City of Nîmes enhances its Jardins de la Fontaine with a customised night identity!

Last June 30th, at nightfall, the elected representatives of Nîmes inaugurated the illumination of the Jardins de la Fontaine, classified Historical Monuments, which now offer to Nîmes community and tourists "a romantic and rather mysterious atmosphere".
This mythical place, which they place as "an urban landmark in its own right", is part of the City Light Plan to "improve the nocturnal wanderings by creating a friendly atmosphere".

The lighting, led by Thierry Walger and his teams at the Point Lumineux, focuses on the elements of water and wind. It is making use of lustral water, wind, ancient cults, the forest and even to the eternal inhabitants of the Gardens "says the lighting designer.
"... At night, the wind plays with the light of the gardens, and the lustral water flows through the canals ..."

Client: City of Nîmes and Syndicat Mixte d'Electricité du Gard
Lighting Designer: The Light Point
Installers: Citéos (agent) and Spie
Photos: Camille Lafon / City of Nîmes

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