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Project ›› Oceanographic museum, Monaco

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Oceanographic museum, Monaco Overall view
  • working since
  • 2016

The specifications for Christine and Thierry Dardelin, the designers responsible for highlighting the façade of the Oceanographic Museum, contained two key elements: 
The museum insisted that the lighting of this emblematic facade of the principality remain very soft and gentle for a quintessential look. That is to say, a soft, low intensity white that gives a classic feel. 
The second request was to be able to adapt the lighting of this façade to the frequent temporary events that take place on site. It was therefore considered necessary to be able to change the colour, making it possible to light up the facade to the colors of a foreign delegation when they are hosted on the site. 
The entire installation is controlled by a remote-controlled DMX console but can also be controlled by the museum manager who is trained can handle various requests.

Lighting designer: Christine et Thierry Dardelin
Photos credits: Musée Monaco

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