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Project ›› Place and fountain des Jacobins, Lyon

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Place and fountain des Jacobins, Lyon Overall view
  • working since
  • 2013

The place and the fountain des Jacobins in Lyon's peninsula have been freshly renovated in June 2013.
The Ville de Lyon and the Atelier Roland Jeol required a specific light enhancement using LEDs for the new living area.
For the square:
> 191 recessed 2-screws superwatt spotlights [1750ADSY-BW - Bourgogne Ø 44 mm 24 V DC 1 in white] placed all around the fountain on the ground in a snail shape.

Around the fountain:
> 12 specific 3 LEDs adjustables spotlights [1830 - JACOBIN 10° beam 24VDC Ø 70 mm h 29 mm 3 superwatts 1W warm white,
> 8 linear LEDs with 36° lens 5635-LIGNY 24 VDC, 30 LEDs/m 3W switching warm white/amber = 4 x 0.8m + 4 x 0.4m, 4 linear LEDs with 10° lens [5635-CE30-10: - LIGNY 24 VDC, 30 leds/m 3W warm white = 4 x 0.8m]

Inside the fountain (immersion):
16 special adjustable and submersible stainless steel LEDs spotlights models 

Specifiers for the Fountain:
Project owner: Ville de Lyon / Contracting authority: Ville de Lyon / Light designer: Atelier Roland Jeol and Ville de Lyon

Specifiers for the Place:
Project owner: Grand Lyon / Contracting authority: Landscape desiger Jacqueline Osty / Light designer: Atelier Roland Jeol / Architect: Lionel Orsini / Engineering & Technical Office: GIRUS

Photo credits: Xavier Chabert


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