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Project ›› Millenium square, Coventry

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Millenium square, Coventry Overall view
  • working since
  • 2004
For her International Time Zone Clock project at the Millenium Square in Coventry, the Belgian artist Françoise SCHEIN chose LEC to ensure that the scale and the originality of her project would be respected.
The conception of floor recessed cast aluminium time zone bars encrusted with LED-lights was both a technological and an aesthetic challenge.

LEC went on to schedule a precise programme and collaborated with various actors on a gigantic construction site, always taking into consideration the various constraints of integration and the legitimate colour rendering requirements.
Since 2004, this artist dream has premitted to simultaneously read the time of the 26 towns twinned to Coventry... this symbolises the artist implication in the human rights, the city's actual dynamics and her dream of a future full of imagination, innovation and poetry.

Artist: Françoise SCHEIN
Pictures: LEC
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