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Project ›› Public spaces in Colombes

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product(s) 5620 - Brunei
Public spaces in Colombes Overall view
  • working since
  • 2013

Both public spaces - square Aragon and square Victor Basch were renovotaed in order to create a harmony between these two public spaces, including through public lighting.
The 8’18” light designers required a light enhancement of these two places with six poles dispatched on one place each.
For this project, LEC developed special products to equip all 12 poles, each of them with a colour strip combining an 8 meters-long lightbar 5620-Brunei with 120 special neutral white LEDs and PMMA strips with colour codes, one of the place in the red ochre tones and the other in green yellow tones.

Photos crédits: Jean-Philippe Humbert

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