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Project ›› Quai des Moulins, Clamecy

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Quai des Moulins, Clamecy Overall view
  • working since
  • 2010

«Reflections in water can change in an instant depending on the light and the state of the sky. The visual effect is in a state of constant flux, the reflexions, distort with every change affecting the depth, colour and contrast of the image.»

This was the artistic intention of Agence Eclar for the Clamecy project.

Specifier and photos credits: Agence ECLAR

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4040 - Luminy 4
4040 - Luminy 4

«Maxi» version in the Luminy spotlight range Installs on roads/floors, wall or poles with custom-adaptable accessories.



  • Architectural heritage enhancement
  • Landscape enhancement
  • Path lighting, lanes
  • Direct or indirect lighting of public space

Adjustable on 2 axis

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