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Project ›› River Liffey in Dublin

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product(s) 5620 - Brunei
 River Liffey in Dublin Overall view
  • working since
  • 1999
The Milan SIL forum in 2011 brought together all European LED experts.
Lighting designer Duilio Passariello recounted the adventure that was the project to light the balustrades of Dublin’s 7 bridges over the River Liffey.
In 1999 more than 800 meters of lightbars [5620 – Brunei] with amber LEDs were installed in often difficult conditions. The sitework took more than 3 months.

This was a pioneering project, both in terms of specifications and installation, in that LEDs were used to provide large-scale lighting.
Duilio reports that the lights are still working, despite weeds, ivy and other aggressions.
This was also an opportunity for him to express his thanks to LEC for its support in this project.

Specifier and photos credits: Duilio Passariello
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