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Project ›› Saint Martin's Church, Oradour-Fanais

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Saint Martin's Church, Oradour-Fanais Overall view
  • working since
  • 2014
The SDEG16 Union wanted to illuminate the town’s church and marked-light its surroundings using the following:

For the church:
- Front door: 2 recessed in-ground 1750A-BN-06 Bourgogne
- Arcade: 2x 4010-CN-L4E Luminy spotlights
- Nave: 2,480 meters of recessed in-ground 5760-CE28-L3 Passy (8 of 310 mm) with 6 LEDs
- Lower tower: 16x 5633-CEN-L1 Arches light bars with 6 LEDs
- Top tower: 24 5633-CW3-L5 Arches light bars with 3 Superwatt LEDs

For the surroundings:
- External wall and the steps: 18 recessed spotlights 1750AC Bourgogne

Specifier and pictures: SDEG16
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