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  • A way of light leading to the Taj Mahal

Project ›› A way of light leading to the Taj Mahal

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A way of light leading to the Taj Mahal Overall view
  • working since
  • 2016

On over 2,5 Km, 700 Chateauneuf 1570CL-CE4 projectors are installed at 0,5 meters above ground inside stone bollards.

The technical complexity was to illuminate the 7,5 meter wide road, where an interdistance of 7,5m in between each bollard was demanded.  The level of illuminance had to be efficient enough in order to avoid  dazzling wanderers, nor polluating with light the surrounding vegetation.

LEC's engineering office developped projectors capable of lighting the pathway width using 100x20° optics on tilted LEDs inside the luminaire. The power of the luminous flux was increased.

This new functional lighting creates a mystic atmosphere leading the way to this "moonlight polished diamond" - the Taj Mahal !

Architect and lighting designer: Archohm
Photos: A.J. Fanthome

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