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Project ›› Village church, Erezée

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Village church, Erezée Overall view
  • working since
  • 2013

Enhancement of the village church place Mormont in the town of Erezée, a small village in the province of Luxembourg in the South of Belgium.

This project was funded by the Walloon Region under a plan called: air climat.
It was in fact revise any lighting of the city center, both roads and staging, with the need to save energy.
The church was lit before by an old projector lamp with 400 W high pressure sodium, hence the economy was evident.
The following LEC material has been used: 12x 5716-Allevard T-BE7-36 and 2x 1830A-Lucerne 3x 1w warm white 36°.

Specifier: bureau Quattro, Monsieur Pierre Deville
Photos credit: Installer Collignon

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