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Project ›› War memorial in Saint-Maximin

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War memorial in Saint-Maximin Overall view
  • working since
  • 2015
The City of Saint-Maximin in the south of France paid tribute to those have died for France in WWII by lighting its war memorial in the colors of the French flag.
The City chose a LED lighting for its sustainability and the color change it offers, according to the needs.

The memorial is equipped with 4 in-ground recessed LED linear projectors LEC 5760-Passy.
Every linear has 27 LED in red, white neutral or blue, split out in 3 distinctive segments. Each segment is independently controlled by DMX, offering a wide selection of colors blends.
It allows each face of the monument to be lit in 3 different colors, according to a big variety of scenarios scheduled (programmed) by LEC.
These scenarios are activated by the city from a tablet or a smartphone.

Elliptical optics used inside the projectors allow to concentrate the light on each face of the memorial with no overflow.

Client: Symielec Var à Brignoles
Prime contractor : BECS
Installer: EGE BERENGER La Penne sur Huveaune 13
Photos: LEC
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