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Product family » Bordeaux

This compact LED spotlight is designed to be embedded into walls, masts, bollards or other supports.

Its numerous window and LED options offer a wide selection of light marking and occasional up-lighting solutions.

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1530R - Bordeaux (Marker-lighting)


  • Indicator lighting
  • Marker-lighting

Mounting type

  • Wall recessed
  • Pavements sides
  • Masts


  • Weight
    125 gr

Options of luminous effects

  • Non adjustable
  • Transparent flat window
  • Colour control system (optional)

Power supply - Control

  • Cable length
    1 m
  • 24 V power supply 24V


  • Anodised glazed aluminium
  • Vandalism-proof, scratch-proof, UV-proof, polycarbonate window, M2

Mechanical strength - Waterproofness

  • Resists impacts up to 60 joules (IK10)
  • IP68 Tight for extended immersion

Select your specific requirements with our product configurator, by filtering technical criteria. Download the configurated product datasheet.

  • Electricity consumption
  • Output
  • Maximum use temperature
  • Contact temperature
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RGB options available, please contact us.
Technical data is subject to changes.
Luminaire guaranteed 5 years.
Luminaire designed and manufactured in France. Made in france

- Anodized aluminium glazed body (Ø 35mm) with Ø 45 mm, flange frame, 3-mm thickness

- Polycarbonate window Ø 30 mm, scratch-proof, UV-proof, resistent to vandalism, M2, 5-mm thickness

Small wall-recessed LED marker-light:

  • Compact size: body : Ø 35 mm / flange frame: Ø 45 mm - thickness: 3 mm
  • Many optical options (from 6 Ø 5 mm LED, to 3 wide angle or tricromic LEDs, homogeneous or frosted window, etc)
  • Applications : pedestrian/cycling pathways marker-lighting. Luminaire to be embedded into walls, bollards, masts or other supports.
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