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Project ›› Church of Saint Paul in Goussainville (France)

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Church of Saint Paul in Goussainville (France) Overall view
  • working since
  • 2014

Up-lighting of the church of Saint Paul facade with the following LEC luminaires:

> 8x 4020-Luminy 2 spotlights in amber colour 4 Superwatts 3W with East/West orientated elliptic
> 8x 4040-Luminy 4 spotlights in a colour mix in blue 3 Superwatts 3W and in cold white 9 Superwatts 3W
> 10x 4040-Luminy 4 spotlights in amber colour 12 Superwatts including 9x in 3W and 1x in 1W
> 8 meters of 5625-Linealac lightbar with a rotating colour mix in amber warm white
> 8 meters of 5635-Ligny lightbar in neutral white blue both colours rotating as follows: 2 white LEDs 1 blue LED

Specifier: Simon Deschamps du Studio Deschamps

Installer: Citeos
Photo credits: Olivier Perrot

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