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Project ›› Église de Krems en Autriche

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Église de Krems en Autriche Overall view
  • working since
  • 2018

Krems an der Donau

Illumination of the church.
Lighting of the nave, and of the base of the steeple. Accentuation of the lighting in the alcoves of the steeple and the steeple roof.

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4060 - Luminy 6
4060 - Luminy 6

This projector is equipped with 36 high power LEDs.

It can be fitted with a wide variety of optic systems, is orientable along 3 axes, and can be attached to a mast or a facade.

It offers integrated power supply and control systems.

Other modals from the Luminy range: 4010-Luminy4020-Luminy 24040-Luminy 4

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  • <p>Illumination of the nave and the base of the steeple using 4060 spotlights.</p>

    Illumination of the nave and the base of the steeple using 4060 spotlights.