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Project ›› Albert Kahn Gardens

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Albert Kahn Gardens Overall view
  • working since
  • 2019

Not far from Paris, in Boulogne-Billancourt, a beautiful garden surrounds the museum dedicated to the work of a peace-loving humanist banker. The regional Albert- Kahn Museum holds collections unique throughout the world.
The scenic garden has been completely renovated and illuminated, reopening its doors to the public for a Heritage Day, on 21 September 2019. Since then, guided tours at nightfall have been organised on a regular basis.
A poetic invitation to reverie.

A multitude of LEC lights have been installed to create an ambiance like no other, highlighting the promenades and plants, in particular the rare species.
Lights used: 5630 Belval, 5716 Allevard, 1750 Bourgogne, 1843 Palais Royal and 4020 and 4040 from the Luminy range

Light designer: NOCTABENE
Installer: CITEOS
Client: Département of Hauts de Seine – Parks Department
Photos: ©CD92Olivier Ravoire & ©CD92Willy Labre"

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  • <p>An extraordinary garden, by day and night.</p>

    An extraordinary garden, by day and night.

  • <p>Fairy light effects in the heart of the vegetation.</p>

    Fairy light effects in the heart of the vegetation.

  • <p>A symphony of colours in the Japanese garden.</p>

    A symphony of colours in the Japanese garden.