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Project ›› Lafayette bridge, Lyon

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Lafayette bridge, Lyon Overall view
  • working since
  • 2016

Within the city’s energy-saving lighting scheme: the Lafayette bridge, third eldest bridge over the Rhône river, has been uplit.

To illuminate this major civil engineering work:
- 116 meters of 5650-Clem are horizontally fixed in the center of the arches to light the upper part of the bridge. Their tilt can be adjustable.
- 164 projectors 5633-Arches are horizontally installed on the arches' ends near the pilars and light up the upper part. Their tilt can be adjustable.
- 2 projectors 5727-Alicante are in-ground recessed the pilar on the riverbank.

All projectors Clem-5650 and Arches-5633 are individually controlled by a DALI system.

Specifier and lighting design: City of Lyon - Public Lighting Department
Installer: Citeos
Working since: January 2016
Photos: LEC

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