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Project ›› Lights on the open air museum of Paris La Défense

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Lights on the open air museum of Paris La Défense Overall view
  • working since
  • 2017

Defacto uplights the open air art collection of Paris La Défense!

Since its design in the 1960s until today, the district of La Défense has been built consistently over the years with major works of art, on a par with the scale of the site, providing structure to the public spaces. 

Defacto, the public institution in charge of the management of the business district, is currently developing the project Paris La Défense Art Collection in order to showcase the 69 works of art – both discreet and imposing – that pepper the public space. The aim is to improve the preservation and presentation of this extraordinary artistic heritage and to give a new lease of life to this unique open air art collection.

This major project, overseen by the Frenak+Jullien Architects (winner of the competition launched by Defacto), was underlined by 3 major initiatives:
1. A restoration and preventive conservation programme,
2. The creation of routes, 
3. Nocturnal displays revealing the works with light. 
The latter was overseen by Lighting designers 8’18’’.

11 of these works from the open air art collection are fully lit by LEC, and 4 others only partly.

Only 3 types of LEC's projectors were necessary to light all 15 works of art, and to meet with the lighting designers' needs. The projectors are 2 flush-embedded ground luminaires (2855-Meteor and 5716-Allevard) and 1 wall light (4040-Luminy 4). 

Three weeks of night mock-ups in situ were conducted with our team and the different project's players in order to define the numerous optical mixes of some of the 200 supplied LEC projectors.

All projectors are controlled in dimming, allowing for precision adjustment and fine tuning on each of the sculptures.

Contracting Authority: Defacto
Lighting designers: 8’18’’
Architects: Frenak & Jullien
Installer: Eiffage Energie
Photos: 11h45 for Defacto

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