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Project ›› Court House in Montpellier

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Court House in Montpellier Overall view
  • working since
  • 2016

Up-lighting of the Court House :

- 24 projectors 4040-Luminy 4 in neutral white with a 6° optic, and the Luminy CAP, are fixed on the base of the 12 columns of the Court House;
- 4 projectors 4040-Luminy 4 in warm white with a 10° and 36° optics light up from the top to down statues located under the marquee ;
- 41,60 linears meters 5655-Lignon (26 light bars of 1,6 m) in neutral white at 120° are fixed on the edge of the upper cornices to up-light them;
- 2 projectors 4060-Luminy 6 in neutral white with a 6° optic are fixed behind the cornices, at roof level of the building's wings (1 on each side) and light up the pediment (in crossfire), and 2 others with a 10° optic light up the stepwell (in crossfire).

Specifier and lighting designer: Sylvie Sieg
Installer: SPIE
Photos: ©Camille Lafon for LEC

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