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Project ›› Rue Robert de Flers, Paris (France)

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Rue Robert de Flers, Paris (France) Overall view
  • working since
  • 2014

A dynamic external lighting scheme with LEDs set on the human biological rhythm!

The rue Robert de Flers is a covered walkway located beneath a slab near the river Seine, it leads to the new shopping centre Beaugrenelle in the 15th district of Paris. Following the area’s renovation, a part of the covered street was up-lighted in 2013.
The lighting is based on the human biological rhythm. The lighting changes its intensity and colours during the day, whilst adjusting to human needs.

Interview with Karine Bonnefoy, Project manager at the Roads Subdivision in the 7th and 15th districts of the Ville de Paris:

What were the feedbacks following this up-lighting?
Feedbacks have been very positive so far, and even more so as we managed to coincide the opening of the shopping center with the up-lighting of the street...
Residents have seen their neighbourhood change for the better and they’re very happy about it. The district officals requested to apply this up-lighting on the rest of the street. Nothing is signed yet but we’re optimistic in extending this type of lighting elswhere.

Contracting authority: Ville de Paris, Roads Department
Contracting authority assistant: Evesa, Energetic Performance Market holder for Ville de Paris
Lighting designer: Concepto agency
Installer: Citeos
Photos credits: Xavier Boymond

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