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Quality, a success factor

Quality of the LED

LEC uses its test benches to trial dozens of LED brands from all origins and selects the best ones to incorporate into its products.

Quality of thermal engineering

LEC carefully analyses the thermal conditions under which the LED operate in order to guarantee their longevity.

Quality of manufacturing

LEC designs and thoroughly checks all manufacturing processes and procedures.
Exclusively on request, LEC makes specific lights adapted to designer’s projects.
All devices are systematically tested and debugged.
All processes, from design to delivery have been certified ISO 9001 since 2002.

Quality of housings

LEC overdesigns the thicknesses of housings and windows, and the performance of cables and connectors to withstand difficult conditions in the public realm.
The certifications obtained are the highest one (IP 68, IK 10 up to 60 joules, emergency lighting, etc)

Quality of implementation

LEC provides waterproof installation and connectic accessories which are adapted to every single project. LEC also adapts and provides detailed installation instructions (in 2 languages FR-EN) to reduce sites' constraints.


«Made in France» : a label and a sign of quality

In all sectors, currently, “Made in France” is seen as a mean of preserving French-based know-how, the quality of products, the respect of standards as well as employment on our territory. At LEC, we believe that “made in France” sign is still possible in a competitive way; more importantly that it is a guarantee of quality unequaled in LED and outdoor lighting.

LEC, a French adventure

For more than 40 years, the history of LEC has been written as a great and optimistic French adventure, established in Lyon, city of lights, with an agile and dedicated team, and the close collaboration of regional industrialists, with their skills and their proximity.
Each project idea, in which we were fortunate to contribute in, was born from a meeting with the best French-based know-how. A true living heritage of unique and remarkable talents. All our “made in France” solutions are designed and produced with local expert partners in Burgundy - Rhône-Alpes region.