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Sustainable development

LED are famous for their:

  • long life
  • low power consumption
  • compact size
  • resistance to vibration
  • ease of control

Their lighting and energy efficiency are constantly being improved and are recognised by all specialists as being the light source of the (near) future.
The key qualities of LED are fully in line with the spirit of sustainable development, with their low energy consumption and long life, the fact that very few raw materials are used in their manufacture and their very low noxiousness.

Our environmental policy can be summed up in one sentence:
To improve our environmental performance and participate in the environmental responsibility efforts of European industry.

LEC funds the accredited eco-organism ECOSYSTEM which collects and recycles end-of-life electronic goods free of charge.

Continuous progress in improving the luminous efficiency and lifetime of LED helps reduce the environmental footprint of lighting.

LEC is committed to develop, when they can, eco-designed luminaires in an aim to reduce the environmental impact of its products throughout their life cycle.

WEEE PRN (producer registration Number) : WEE/ED5061QT